About Brandi Fletcher


Brandi Fletcher grew up in Southern California with a love and appreciation of music, animals, good food and the freedom to create. A true 70’s kid, her childhood home was decorated with vibrant sponge-painted walls, fun-shaped furniture, patchwork carpets and colorful crafts that were designed and made by Brandi’s mother, who had no fear when it came to creating a cool environment. This made an impression on Brandi and it was evident from an early age that she, herself, was artistically inclined and was encouraged by her family to explore her own creativity freely.

Although Brandi excelled in Art during her school years, her education later took her in a different direction. She became a psychiatric nurse and realized that working with schizophrenics was a calling she needed to explore. She soon found caretaking came easily and her role as a nurse rewarding. Brandi used her strength as a natural born instructor to guide and encourage the mentally ill. She implemented art classes and creative groups for the patients, on a regular basis, which helped them process feelings and improve social skills.

Throughout her adult years, Brandi had experimented with drawing, oil and acrylic painting, jewelry making, throwing clay and glazing ceramics, clay relief carving, even singing and playing in a band for 15 years. Her creativity was always begging for more of her attention. In 2004, Brandi had an intuitive calling to do a mosaic on the front porch of her home. She gathered stones, old pool tiles, glass baubles, broken plates and set to work. It became a swirl of color and texture that fueled Brandi’s immediate love for doing mosaics. With her husband and friends encouraging her, Brandi was soon making mosaic pieces that people were buying and she was eventually comissioned to do larger pieces. Brandi went on to do mosaic tables, fireplaces, floors, back splashes and wall hangings. After 20 years of nursing, Brandi decided that it was time to change direction, and has recently dedicated 100 percent of her time to her mosaic art.

Being completely self-taught has allowed Brandi to develop her own style guided by intuition and passion. Brandi creates her mosaic pieces using glass, ceramic, marble, gemstones, pebbles and found items. When doing commissions, she works closely with her clients, taking their ideas and visions and transforming them into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Brandi enjoys the outdoors and has spent a lot of time exploring the Grand Canyon and travelling around the Southwest. Brandi currently lives in the Ojai Valley in Southern California where she continues to play in a band with her supportive husband, Danny. They have two cats in the yard, Johnny and June.

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